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THESELAMAH  was founded in 2014.We starting our brand with open our booth at carnival and expo around Malaysia.

Right now, THESELAMAH has focus our sales channel at TikTok Live Shop.We also have 2 physical brand located at KOTA TINGGI and JOHOR BAHRU.

THESELAMAH was founded by Mohd Zulhilmi Bin Tamsir
, a Diploma In Management Technologies graduate which later on pursuit his dream in business world. His mission to bring THESELAMAH as one of the most trusted and reliable fashion platforms that gather with other local brands.

THESELAMAH was co-founded by Azmir Bin Ishak, an engineering school graduate has the same vision of bringing THESELAMAH  to a bigger audience. Azmir believes that having physical store would give a better buying experience to customer. We are also making our way up to be one of the remarkable names in the fashion industry.